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In 1988, I had the honor of delivering the Banner of Peace to the people and Government of Puerto Rico, at the Secretary of State in the beautiful Old San Juan, in the person of the then Secretary of State.

This time, we had the opportunity to interview with the current Secretary of State, David Bernier, who graciously received us at the Government House called Fortaleza . An impressive building built by the Spanish between 1533 and 1540 (XVI century), in order to defend the port of San Juan. The structure is also known as Palacio de Santa Catalina.

In our interview we present a Banner of Peace, developed by Taíno hands.

Bernier, knowing the programs of this International Committee, offered his full support for the start of the "We build Peace Together" program, where young people are taught to be “Mediators of Peace” in all schools, using the symbol of the flag Peace in their lives.

(See book "Transform into Banner of Peace" from Alom Publishers )

This program already has built in various countries, over 300,000 children have learned to be "Mediators of Peace".

The symbol of the Banner of Peace is on the planet over 9000 years ago in various cultures like Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Mayan and Taíno Culture in Puerto Rico since the Logo of Banner of Peace, is carved in various ceremonial centers of the island, called anciently "Boriké", as in "The stone spoken", Jayuya and the "Indian Cave", Las Piedras.

The International Committee, a nongovernmental agency of the United Nations, is proud to continue to give their contribution to CULTURE OF PEACE IN THE WORLD, which began the illustrious artist Nicholas Roerich.










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