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The Banner of Peace appears in many cultures for 9000 years.

One of these cultures is the Aboriginal Indigenous TAINA of Puerto Rico, called Boriké .

In this culture, men and women of peace, were given the symbol complete with the circle. As we see in “La Piedra Escrita” of Jayuya and at this mystical place.

In full Caribbean jungle, a beautiful day with rain threatening, adorned by a beautiful rainbow, with the penetrating sound of drums, flutes and maracas, I was honored to officially presentation of the Banner of Peace to the Indigenous Ceremonial Center “La Cueva del Indio”, in the municipality of Las Piedras.

The place was awesome, vibration ancestrally lived there, and stones with the Symbol of Peace Flag engraved on them felt seemed greet us as we enter the Ceremonial Center, guarded by two large stones that make you duck down in sign of humility to enter where the glyphs are.

Everything was natural and simple.

Those who were in the circle, seemed old acquaintances, though it was the first time we met physically.

I had the opportunity to go one by one blessing, which will take responsibility for our program

"Together we build Peace" to all schools.

Upon learning of this ceremony, the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico David Bernier, offered his unconditional support to all schools in Puerto Rico, was taught to apply the Symbol of Peace Banner for children, and become mediators peace.

(See “Together we build Peace”)

All went quiet until the big horn to officially hoist the flag, which will be in that beautiful ceremonial center in a sign of respect and love.


Dra. Alicia Rodríguez.







The day arrived. At 1pm we picked up Dr. Alicia Rodriguez and headed towards Las Piedras in a beautiful conversation full of questions that were gradually revealing. The joy and excitement of receiving filled the air.

Arriving at the Taino Ceremonial Center La Cueva del Indio, in Municipality of Las Piedras, we met Felipe "Tuján", the bohíque and Spiritual Guardian of the sacred place, and Victor Torres, Official Keeper of La Cueva del Indio , archaeologist and historian of the Municipality at Las Piedras. The tabonuco incense welcomed us.

In the circle, Juana Pérez, Master of the Drums Circle Guayaboacú – one of the groups that gather at La Cueva del Indio and requested the Peace Banner – was expecting us.

We started the ceremony by welcoming the President of the International Committee of the Peace Banner, Dr. Alicia Rodríguez. Tuján invited us to form a circle by joining hands repeating the mantra of Peace three times.

One by one, we were presenting all groups gathered:

Guayaboacú, “Messenger of the presence” received Tuján's stick with the task of raising a flag, bringing the symbol of the Culture of Peace a year ago;

Madre Tierra, represented by Mary Grossen whose mission is to respect the traditions. At that time she received Tuján's stick for the next 13 moons;

Tigre Místico Blanco, Hector Figueroa working the Native American Medicine Wheel and moons in Las Piedras;

Escuela Ecológica Niñ@s Uniendo al Mundo at Caguas, its Director Carmen Rosa Rivera acknowledged this symbol of peace as a foundation of the Montessori philosophy;

Sabiduría Mística, David Santiago group that held the nights of Tibes and Caguana currently.

Viento Solar Blanco, José Bauzá Mayan teacher who reminds us that we all have this symbol on the heart;

Hormigas Candy;

Consejo de Visiones de Boriké and Masculino en transición, Heriberto Ramírez has brought the Bioregional Medical Gatherings cocreating El Llamado del Guaraguao (2009), El Llamado del Caracol (2012) and this summer El Llamado del Colibrí (2014);

Cerro del Bohíque, Niria Rodríguez where they celebrate Grandfather Fire and Grandmother Moon in Cidra;

PachaMamaBebe, eco-parenting project of Vanessa Arjona and Heriberto Ramírez. They gave Atabey, the Guardian of the Rainbow Heart, to accompany Dr. Alicia Paz on her way.

Quique "Las Piedras", craftsman who gave her a carved stone.

Once we had recognize, Juana read the history of the The Peace Banner, Culture that promotes unity in diversity. Dr. Alicia spoke conveying the message of the “Pax Cultura”, meaning worship to Ur, worship of the Light. There are 3 fires in the heart representing thought, word and action in harmony. We asked our forgiveness before all beings who have offended us. Then, we proceeded to the official release of the Peace Banner. Tuján, Juana and Victor are the triad that receives the commitment to work the Culture of Peace.

While a beautiful rainbow lit up the sky, Alicia requested the energy of the Ascended Masters. Now all present beings receive the activation of the symbol in our hearts.

The flag was ready to be hoisted. The mission starts now. It's time to spread the seed of the Culture of Peace around Boriké , honoring our Taino Ancestors who were already people of peace.

Thank you Alicia, for your endless love, for your light and your peace.

Thank you for responding to the Call of “Las Piedras”.

An honor to meet you at your home.

Infinite blessings,

Van * Guayaboacú, reporting “The presence


A hug of Light

Andrew, Vanessa and Nayara

África and Aymara


La Cueva del Indio , Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. December 28, 2013




Saluting Victor Torres, Official Keeper of La Cueva del Indio , Las Piedras, Archaeologist and Historian.
Welcome to incense.
Saluting Juana Pérez, Master Drums Circle Guayaboacú.
Circle of Peace binding repeating the mantra 3 times. Tuján Felipe Dávila, Spiritual Guardian and bohíque of La Cueva del Indio, Las Piedras loading the wood stick.
Alicia, Tuján and Andrés Santos (background).
Alicia with the offering of Atabey, the Guardian PachaMamaBebé Rainbow Heart.
Juana Pérez reading the history of the Banner of Peace.

Dr. Alicia Rodríguez explaining the symbol.
Delivery of the Official Peace Banner. Trustees triad: Juana Perez, Victor Torres and Tuján.
Receiving the energy of the Ascended Masters. Alicia, Vanessa and her daughter Nayara.
Receiving the energy of the Ascended Masters. Alicia, Vanessa and Felipe “Tuján”.
Banner raising
Dr. Alicia Rodríguez with the Banner of Peace waving in La Cueva del Indio , Las Piedras.
Rainbow a sign from heaven
Dr. Alicia Rodríguez with Taino petroglyph Culture of Peace.
Glyph of the Culture of Peace with luminous orb.
Photos of the Taino glyphs Culture of Peace

Map of Puerto Rico with the Municipality of Las Piedras.





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